about Sports management Sari Murto

Business background and passion for athletics

I have a masters degree in international marketing. I started my company, Culticon Oy, in 1998 and during 15 years I helped about 70 companies in their domestic and international marketing. 

With my children, I took part in their athletics trainings, learned and took part in coaching, organized some competitions, took care of media relations etc. Little by little, I took all the time more responsibilities around it. My daughter got really enthustiastic about pole vault. As we live on the countryside, she needed to be taken to every training, which were not at the local track anymore. Trainings 6 days a week and about 500 km of driving every week, coaching a few times a week, started to take more and more of my time. When Wilma moved away from home, I realized, that athletics was not only my daughters hobby, but also my passion. 

During the past years, I have learned a lot about the business around athletics. With my marketing consulting background, I believe that I can assist athletes and companies to achieve great results in their co-operation.  

My company, Culticon Oy, has now moved from marketing consulting into athletics management. My philosophy has stayed the same. The company name, Culticon, comes from cultivate and consult. Cultivate is to develope, but has also the meaning in farming. I believe in developing things "feet on the ground". Consulting, I feel, is the synonym for assisting. I think that you need to reach for the stars by having reachable steps to walk towards your goals. If you are an athlete and want to do all that it takes to reach the stars, don't hesitate to contact me.  And if you work in a company, looking for a way to use sponsoring as an effective part of your marketing, get in touch.  Lets get together and make it happen!
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